Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.
— Augustus Hare

Xsail Yacht Options

We offer four types of yachting experience at four price tiers depending on how much space & luxury you want.

A base (38’), mid-range (42’) & premium (45’) Catamaran or a 52’ Modern Monohull.
No experience required, we will give a primer talk on all the necessary boating etiquette before we depart!
Typically, we use Lagoon Catamaran’s & based on local availability.

Our Yachts include Captain, Hostess, Meals, Activities, Workshops, Guides & All Port Fees in the all-inclusive price.
Each Catamaran offers 4 double-occupancy cabins so we recommend bringing a friend or cabin buddy!

Xsail Yacht Features…

  • We offer a range of spacious 38-45 foot Catamarans at 3 attractive all-inclusive price points

  • We have also added an all-inclusive modern monohull at our most accessible price point.

  • Catamarans & the monohull offer cabins with double beds for shared accommodation so bring a partner, friend or cabin buddy!

  • All Yachts include a Greek Captain & Hostess & provisioning for food & drink.

  • Mediterranean Breakfast & Lunch prepared by local Hostesses on boats with evening Taverna dinners.

  • Yacht etiquette training & Captains Docking Requirements Training included!

  • Catamarans include USB, 12V outlets & 220V Generator.

  • Showers & Toilets Onboard

  • Interior & Exterior Social Lounging/Working Areas

  • Dinghies for transport from anchor to shore

  • Hostesses will clean & refresh boats daily.


You can use the gallery collections below to get a feel for the layout, rooms & social spaces before comparing prices.
For example, due to the more compact space, the 38’ Catamaran has shared showers & bathrooms whereas the 42’ & 45’ have their own en-suite showers/bathrooms.

Beneteau/Jenneau (51’ Monohull)

Lagoon 380 (38’ Catamaran)

The world's first choice in its class, the Lagoon 380 is fast, maneuverable, and safe. Its devotees are found across the world's oceans. Le plus diffusé au monde dans sa catégorie, le Lagoon 380 est véloce, facile à manœuvrer et sûr. On rencontre ses inconditionnels sur toutes les mers du globe.

Lagoon 42 (42’ Catamaran)

Lagoon 42… A sleek, modern design. This new member of the Lagoon family has style and a strong personality. While keeping a family resemblance and retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, it shows us a new path: unhurried evolution, a new "organic" approach, in search of harmony between living space and man. An elegant silhouette, flowing curves which, by virtue of a noticeable acceleration of the lines in the bows and in the new coachroof design, emphasise the powerful and dynamic nature of this new model… A VPLP design naturally, a guarantee of performance under sail!

Lagoon 450 (45’ Catamaran)

VPLP architects, in partnership with Lagoon and Nauta Design, surmounted the formidable challenge of replacing the legendary Lagoon 440. with the Lagoon 450.

Yachting Etiquette

No yachting experience required, just an open-heart & mind and learning to follow a few simple seafaring rules.

We will have a group briefing on Day 1 to introduce the Captains & Crew before we set sail to set the passenger manifests, set expectations for beginners and a refresher for the more experienced Xsailors.

  1. The Captain is “the boss” - the Captains first priority is the safety of everyone on board for the entire journey & keeping the boat “shipshape”. Sometimes he will ask for help or to make space especially when docking, and if he does please be respectful & responsive.

  2. Keep your personal items/baggage to a minimum. A yacht is a shared space and quickly fills up so a soft carry-on bag, toiletries bag with sunscreen, after-sun & efficient clothes packing is always a good thoughtful strategy.

  3. If you are seasick lean overboard. But even better, if you know you sometimes get there, bring Dramamine pills as a precaution and take one before setting sail. We will also have ginger drinks which helps settle those if they get motion sick.

  4. If we are moored at dock, then getting on/off is straightforward. If we are anchored, then the captain will use the dinghy to move passengers to & from the shore in small groups of 4. This may require syncing Rendezvous times with the Captain.

  5. Daily Routes & Schedules are based on weather & wind conditions. The Captains meet in the early morning daily to discuss current conditions which can mean changing route or schedule to optimize the flotilla for prevailing conditions.

  6. Pack light casual (shorts, t-shirt) or beach wear for the boat & always useful to pack a windbreaker, lined waterproof day-breaker like Helly Hansen, Oakley, Adidas or Puma or a light hoodie to wear in case the winds are strong.

  7. Bring boat shoes/sandals / flip-flops - ideally white bottomed for secure grip moving around on the yacht. Adidas Terrex Climacool, Keen, Teva, Astral, Olukai all have good options.

  8. The provisioning team will cover all the basics for breakfast, lunch, water & soft drinks, but we recommend you stock up on any desired alcohol (beers/wine) at the commercial port supermarkets.

  9. Clean up after yourself. A yacht isn’t like a hotel with room service. If hostesses are available, they will help keep the common areas clean, but it’s always best to contribute, be proactive & clean up any spills, keep suitcases & personal items organized.

  10. Treat your fellow crew & captain like family. You will be spending much time together during a week at sea island-hopping, so reach out, connect, drop-in, make rapid friends & get to know everyone onboard in the spirit of adventure, co-creation & collaboration!