And I also believe that if you have light, such as you have here, all ugliness is obliterated. Since I’ve come to your country I know that light is holy: Greece is a holy land to me.”
— Henry Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi

Vacation + Wellness, Wisdom
& Entrepreneurial Workshops

The Xsail transformational travel journey seamlessly combines vacation, adventure, cultural activities, local guides, wellness & workshops! We consciously don’t bombard our Tribe with 9-5 learning, but along with island-hopping and local culture, we make space for morning Yoga & Meditation, plus a curated selection of Afternoon & Evening Mind, Body, Spirit workshops & Lightning Talks where members of the tribe can share their feelings, wisdom or journey if they feel inspired in a relaxed Taverna atmosphere.

All in all, the Xsail adventure is designed for the tribe to immerse in the local islands, spectacular scenery and emerge from the Xsail experience rejuvenated, filled with amazing cultural experiences, creative expression, wisdom & personal growth along with some new life tools, epic experiences, plenty of fun plus some amazing new international connections & lifelong friendships.

Xsail facilitators Top L to Bottom R: Pamela, Tanya, Danielle, Niraj, Franziska, Mike, Geos, TBA


Authentic Relating - Pamela French (Canada) * Facilitator Manager

Pamela French is a powerful force of nature! She delights in creating experiences where others can tap into their power to communicate, create and come alive! As the co-founder of Authentic Relating Ottawa, she leads events, workshops, retreats and training on conscious and non-violent communication skills so vital in today’s world. She is also Priestess at cultivating a relationship with the known and unknown, one joyful breath at a time. Empowerment and play have always been her driving forces, and it shows in all that she is and does.

Energetics & Meditation - Danielle Brooks (Canada)

Danielle Brooks has spent her life living and traveling the world respectfully learning the traditions and values of ancient and emerging cultures.

Her role is as a catalyst and facilitator for people to create profound change in their lives. She works with Divine Energy as a trance medium and well being coach dedicated to heart centered consciousness and empowerment.

Breathwork & Ecstatic Dance - Niraj Naik (UK)

Niraj Naik first discovered the power of breath after finding peace and solace in a sauna after a hard days work from his highly stressful career as a community pharmacist, when frequently visiting a wellness center called Nirvana in his home town of Reading, England. He instinctively began to extend his exhalation and even make toning sounds with his voice that would bring him into a deep meditative state. To the surprise of other members of the spa, he was able to stay in the sauna for many times longer than everyone else, up to 45-1hr at 90c+ temperatures.

Marketing, Ocean Loving & Travel - Franziska Iseli (Switzerland/Australia)

Franziska is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing strategist, mad adventurer, author and the co-founder, and

In 2013 Franziska was awarded the NSW Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognising her innovation, creativity and philanthropic involvement.

Franziska has always been an adventure and travel addict. From living in Costa Rica with a local family at age sixteen, studying music at the Swiss Jazz School during high school, to working in a windsurfing school in Egypt, writing papers at the Swiss embassy in South Africa at twenty-two, surfing some of the most remote surf breaks to riding a motorcycle through the Himalayas, Franziska has travelled to almost one-hundred countries and counting.

In her spare time she loves surfing, reading, playing musical instruments in her band Salty Lips, dancing, learning new things and spending time with family and friends. She comes up with new ideas all the time, if only there was more time to implement them all.

Yoga - Tanya Popovich (Greece)

Tanya Popovich is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance ERYT500, and Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga) in classical Sivananda Yoga tradition. She started her meditation practice at the age of 14 through Transcendental Meditation while at the same time working as a dancer, and from age 23 and onwards is immersed in Yogic lifestyle, study and practice of Yoga through numerable trainings and long term visits to Yoga Ashrams across India. Tanya holds a B.A. in Fine Arts and she is currently pursuing her M.A. in Indigenous Studies, and a degree in Sound Healing.

For the past 14 years Tanya teaches yoga internationally including 200-hr and 500-hr Yoga Alliance certified educational programs, Unnata Aerial Yoga training programs, Vedanta Philosophy, workshops, seminars and cultural retreats. A teacher’s teacher, Tanya founded Swaha Yoga Center in 2011, and Shri Gaia Institute in 2017. Swaha Yoga Center is based in the center of Athens, right underneath the ancient Acropolis.

Geo Skiadas - Greek Culture & Consciousness (Greece)

Geos is a 3 times ex Fortune 500 Executive & a professional Mariner & a Maritime Consultant. Merchant Marine Captain, Skipper, BA, & MBA are only few of the studies of Geos exposure to the world of travel. He has travelled all the seven seas and most of the countries in the world. Worked in Uk for nearly a decade & now called back to sea to deploy all the best insights & offer his gifts to the world.

Having already co-founded a series of startups in the commercial world, the last decade he focused on Consciousness & Human Evolution Research & has a diploma in Life Coaching. With an authentic interest in Personal Growth & Matters of the Soul he brings the best of all worlds. Mind, Body & Consciousness evolution are parts of Geos mission on earth. He supports people by helping them unlock & realize their potential while co-creating gathering & new age humanity plus projects like Xsail.  

Wisdom, Life Journeys & E-residency - Mike Barnes (UK/USA)

Mike is a UK & US Citizen and has had an eclectic journey growing up in the UK & holds a Masters in Music & Information Technology which led to originally developing synthesizers & sound-design for Yamaha Musical Instruments in the UK, US & Japan. Mike founded his own UK company “Signal To Noise” immersed in sound-design for movies (Stargate) & doing sessions for major bands, and consulting for leading music tech companies like E-mu Systems, Korg & Yamaha. Mike moved to Silicon Valley area in the US to work with E-mu Systems & the Creative Advanced Technology Center on their Emulator 4 & Morpheus digital musical instruments.

Mike has since co-founded a number of music-related startups (LAVA - Live Audio Visual Animation) & enjoyed some executive Music-Tech appointments for companies including VP Product for Universal Audio, & other audio-tech at Skype, Dolby Labs & Lab 126/Amazon in the area of Voice Forward Computing & AI (Alexa).

Mike is an Estonian e-resident, a passionate traveler and has visited 90 countries including living stints in Japan, Estonia, Ukraine, Koh Phanghan plus visits to many global festivals & conferences (Burning Man, Wisdom 2.0, Envision, Afest, Purpose Summit, Shakti Fest, Bhakti Fest, Wanderlust, Winter Music Conference, SXSW, BPM, etc)

On the Consciousness & Wisdom Journey, Mike has studied Huichol, Toltec, Q’ero, Quechua, Aztec & Four Winds plus some Native American Navajo traditions, Landmark, Lifebook, Artists Way along with some immersion in Gurdjieff, Bikram Yoga, Rolfing, Mindfulness, Mantra & Zat Baraka’s Mens Work. Over the past half-decade, Mike has immersed in Shamanic & Medicine Work in Cusco, Sacred Valley & Costa Rica.(Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Bufo, Kambo)

Fave Books: Michael Singer The Untethered Soul. “The Surrender Experiment


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