Athens - Spiritual Dance Music from Lump Records

Lump Records frames into the research of sounds that come from cultures in which music is part of the spiritual process of awakening and bring those vibrations to the dance floor of some of the most important clubs and festivals worldwide.
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Every now and then you stumble across a really sonically unique world label with a diverse range of artists that seamlessly meshes the universes of tribal, dance and spiritual music. Lump Records which has roots in Chile & Athens, has its own unique take on dance music and here, we simply wanted to introduce them to a wider audience and feature just a few of the amazing artists…

ॐ Our label has been a pioneer label in downtempo music, world music, deep electronic music, organic & instrumental music, supporting well known artists by been the first label featuring their very firsts tracks, EPs and albums and helping them expand within other also well respected and worldwide known labels who followed to support them and to give them wider opportunities within the music industry.
Our music & label was formed before the scene of a global trend since it all started organically from the heart without knowing where it can go, but with the guidance of true love for music, an excellent curation and an intuitive intention to expand unique, powerful sounds of the cosmos from the cosmos to the cosmos. ॐ

And finally…

Here’s a Spotify Playlist, we compiled featuring many global artists including many LUMP…

Listen, Love & Learn!