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Upcoming XL & Xsail Events 


Synergia Sailing Adventure

Greek Cyclades


Episode II - Synergia: Dance The Aegean Dream
May & September 2020 (final dates to be announced in 2019)

7 Days - 7 Islands - 7 Wonders. All- Inclusive, spectacular Greek Islands Sailing Adventure, Workshops & Wellness. Choose from 3 different all-inclusive Catamarans to suit your budget. No sailing experience required. Connect with magical global tribe, get rejuvenated with Mind, Body, Spirit & Entrepreneurial Facilitators including Yoga, Breathwork, Authentic Relating, Meditation & More.

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Villa Co-Working



Mykonos: Community Co-Working Villa Week
Q2 (May) 2020

Come join our group of global Nomads & entrepreneurs in an epic villa, complete with pool, spectacular views on glorious Mykonos island to work on your project, share wisdom and some amazing evening excursions out on the island.Local exclusive Partner deals with local Scooter/ATV companies, Taverna’s and Beach Clubs.


Episode III: TBD

Somewhere Epic…


Episode III - Location to be announced
Q4 2019

We are exploring future potential locations in the Mediterranean & Carribean …

We will keep you posted on updates!

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Imagine a place where you can be Full-On, Completely Yourself, Where you can Authentically eXplore, eXpand and eXhale. This is the Xsail life.

Welcome to our Global Tribe of Digital Nomads, Avant-Garde Adventurers, Seekers, Entrepreneurs; Pushing the Edge of Humanity, Looking to Support the Wellbeing of Our Species for a different kind of Vacation Adventure, looking to Converse and Co-Create in a Vibrant Community of Heart-Centered Humans.


Awesome Facilitators

& Tribe

World class wisdom & wellness talks. Amazing, Like-minded, Open-hearted Humans included Free!


Rejuvenating Wellness

Personal Growth & Wellbeing nurtured through Daily Yoga, Meditation, Spectacular Nature, Epic Locations & Activities.

Rejuvenate & Reinvigorate Mind, Body & Spirit.

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Island-Hopping Sailing

Private Captains & Hostesses included with every Catamaran in 3 different vessel sizes. Sail the Aegean Adventure through the Scenic Beach Gems, Cosmopolitan Ports & Ancient Temples of the Cyclades: Mykonos, Paros, Syros, Kea, Kythnos, Delos, plus secret swimming stop-offs …


Extraordinary Experiences

This vacation 2.0 has a unique Xsail blend of island-hopping adventure, sailing, learning, connection, wellness & wisdom.

Transformational Travel which intentionally maps fun times, cultural activities, conversations , cuisine & global friends.